Enhance Each Chakra 1 Day at a Time

Color has a profound effect on us on all levels whether physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our body consists of energy points that emulate spiritual frequencies whether you are aware of it or not. These energy points are called Chakras.

There are seven main energy centers (chakras) of the body. These chakras are like spirals of energy, each one connecting to the other.  Each chakra is represented by a color from the color spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple. Each point is reflected by your vibration, ultimately, the way you live your life. Using the seven colors of the spectrum, you canbalance and enhance your spiritual connection. These colors are known to have a healing effect to one’s spirit and physical body when properly used while applying the knowledge and wisdom in regards.

  • RED – Root – represents grounding.
  • ORANGE – Sacral/Sacrum – represents sexuality and sensuality; your desires. This also represents creativity. 
  • YELLOW – Solar Plexus – represents will power and confidence. All connect with the term “trusting your gut.”
  • GREEN – Heart – represents love for yourself and others.
  • BLUE – Throat – represents the truth and communication, whether vocal or internal.
  • INDIGO – Third Eye – represents wisdom and spiritual awakening; honoring intuition.
  • PURPLE – Crown – represents your God self. Your connection between you and the Divine, ultimately becoming Divine.

 If your energy centers become blocked or depleted, then your mind and body cannot function properly. This, in turn, can lead to a variety of problems from stress to dis-ease known as disease.

For example, if you are in love, your HEART CHAKRA, which is represented by the color green, is heightened. You then attract more love around you. 

If you are in a space of anger and fear, then your heart chakra is blocked. This will ultimately lead to heart problems physically manifested. On the spiritual aspect, you may carry a cold and/or broken heart. 

The physical and spiritual realm go hand in hand; balance. Meaning, your physical and your divine self are of the same and must be matched.

The first and most important aspect of chakra cleansing is your space. Being able to balance cleanliness in your space can bring you clarity in your thoughts. It also gives you room to release the negative and stressful energies lingering around you. You must give yourself some alone time.  Step back and bring yourself to stillness and awareness of self. Do this for 7 days as you revive each chakra point 1 day at a time.

You will begin with the root chakra up. It’s very important to stay in awareness of the chakra for the day. Things like wearing the colors each day reminds you of the task at hand.

Day. 1 – Red – ROOT – Be more aware of who you are and how you maneuver in your journey on earth. Day 1 is for you to reflect on the issues that don’t keep you grounded. Start releasing energies and people that don’t elevate you on earth to reach your highest potential. Bring yourself back to being grounded, safe and secure with who you are and what your divine purpose is.

Day 2. Orange – SACRAL – typically the more challenging chakra, being that you must master being able to not fall into the lusts and false desires. In return, focus on the goal of using this chakra to manifest your desires of good for you and the world. Remind yourself that this is your sacred physical part of your body. Use this part for enhancing your creative desires, which naturally, the sacrum (sacred) point is also literal for physical creation. Honoring your sacred portal is key.

Day 3. Yellow – SOLAR PLEXUS – Focusing on being aware of your true divine self.  This, in return, gives you self confidence and a higher self esteem. Knowledge of your inner light is coming to the forefront. Trusting your intuition a.k.a. “trusting your gut” feeling to make decisions. Build your confidence and your power to be you, unapologetically, of course making sure you remain humble.

Day 4. Green – HEART –  focus on love. Self love. Remind yourself that you are an important person in the world set out to carry duties to help heal the planet. Awaken this by remembering to love yourself, and in return, you can share this love to others. It’s great to show acts of kindness, and it doesn’t have to be monetarily. Words and sound give power. Give words of love to those around you, and show different love languages in the things you do.

Day 5.  Blue – THROAT – let your voice be heard. Speak out the truth. anything that needs to be released from your mouth to “take the weight off your shoulders”, speak it. As long as it’s not words to hurt, but words in your truth. You should also speak words into existence. Say good things out loud to the divine that you want for yourself. Remember not to ask of want, but of need.

Day 6. Indigo – THIRD EYE – Pay attention to new messages coming your way, from lessons, to pure knowledge coming to open up your mind. Read more about spirituality. invite more knowledge and teachings in your space. For example, read about other cultures of the world. This may open your mind to awaken understanding to worldly views, cultural and religious characteristics in people. Experience and exploring brings more wisdom and knowledge for an open mind.

Day 7. Purple – CROWN –  This is when you have found your true self. Your soul wants to be awakened so you can decipher through  the pitfalls of life. This is when you are in full trust of the Divine, and in full connection. Be aware of constant consciousness around you. Notice divine messages around you. Activate your spirit.

Particles of female figure meditating in lotus position with colorful 7 chakras and aura glow, vector illustration
Particles of female figure meditating in lotus position with colorful 7 chakras and aura glow, vector illustration

By following these day to day self reminders,  followed by 5-10 minutes of meditations in the evening, reflecting on your day and realizing your breakthroughs, these are first steps into continuing the rest of your life free of blockage and dis-ease. To go more in-depth, healing these energy points bring a natural healing to each organ in the body depending on which chakra you focus more on.

Awakening your divine spirit within through acknowledging your chakras is a rewarding way to find peace of mind and physical health.

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie is quoted by saying “Peace is a day-to-day problem, the product of a multitude of events and judgements. Peace is not an ‘is’, it is a ‘becoming’.”

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– Fabienne Claude
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