Author name: Fabienne Claude

The Power of Sound

Sound, one of the most easily defined yet complex and intricate in how it’s used among different parts of the world. We can base sound on the effect it has when music is playing, or someone is singing. Depending on its tone and words expressed in the midst, it can have an effect on how […]

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Yoga For The Brain

The things we think and the things we do have a dynamic impact on our brain, our attitudes, and ultimately our reality. As most can agree, the brain functions as a primary receiver, organizer, and distributor of information for the body.It has a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere. One side of the brain can

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Peace of Mind

How can one acquire peace of Mind? Such a perplexed question, yet naturally, a simple task. If we release the fears and self centered worries we carry everyday, that is a start to leading towards a strong, peaceful life. Many people allow the “woes” of society to interfere with their very own sanity. This in

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Enhance Each Chakra 1 Day at a Time

Color has a profound effect on us on all levels whether physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our body consists of energy points that emulate spiritual frequencies whether you are aware of it or not. These energy points are called Chakras. There are seven main energy centers (chakras) of the body. These chakras are like spirals of energy, each one

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Yoga For Men

Interestingly enough, many men find yoga to be an intimidating sport. Not to mention, seeing women on social media twisting and curving may be attractive to most, but to try it themselves seem to be merely impossible; so they say.  Yoga is effective for physical flexibility, and it is definitely not set just for women.

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Yoga For The Heart

How many moments do we take the time to honor our heart? After all, it is the heart that is the ultimate driver of life. This concept goes for both physical and spiritual realms. Physically, we must have a healthy heart to survive, and spiritually, it’s said that we must look to acquire joy to

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