Peace of Mind

How can one acquire peace of Mind? Such a perplexed question, yet naturally, a simple task. If we release the fears and self centered worries we carry everyday, that is a start to leading towards a strong, peaceful life.

Many people allow the “woes” of society to interfere with their very own sanity. This in return, causes depression, insecurities, and lack of spiritual growth. Although your true self is your divine, inner being; recognize that society plays a big role in stimulating the egotistic stand point of life. The most vulnerable parts of the ego has to deal with financial stability, social status, and vanity. When a person has evolved into settling to the ways of an embellished society that mainly empower ego, in return, true divine identity is lost.

This is why a routine of daily meditation is necessary to manifest a consistent peace of mind. That, paired with healthy food and physical fitness to keep the body strong. Yoga is great as it balances mental, physical and spiritual strength in unision.

With meditation, sitting in lotus position or laying back with palms facing up, stimulates a euphoric feeling when still, quiet, and attention to the breathe. With your thoughts to the breathe, it brings you to the awareness of the power of now. 

The breathe is the symbol of the constant flow of LIFE. It represents the present moment, which must always be recognized as a gift. 

These thoughts to the breathe should bring divine thankfulness, a sense of serenity and peace overcoming the body and space. Recognizing this as a feeling that can bring you to the awareness of a higher vibration that you can continue to acquire; in addition to the positive energy that will reflect your aura. Most importantly, pay attention to how good it feels.

A more practical way, yet most times difficult to the average person, is to first confront yourself. Within this confrontation, you are facing the reality that you are a human being roaming around on earth as everyone else. To elaborate; everyone faces some form of hardship, sadness, happiness, break-ups, losses, etc. To relinquish your life being ruled by these form of conditions, pay attention to how you respond to them when you are faced in a situation. Because you are only responsible for yourself, you are ultimately responsible for your feelings and actions. Why allow something that you have no control over, overwhelm your mind, resulting to chaos, friction and confusion to your inner being? Why not release those energies by not taking things personal, or allowing things to disrupt your self love and happiness? 

If you can accept what life brings to you, whether good or bad, without any expectations or judgments, you will be more at ease, your mind will rest peaceful. When your mind is at ease, for example, you can decide on things easier and more accurately. 

Peace of mind has much to do with unnecessary worries, and surrendering your spiritual self to bliss. Rising up to your true self, depleting the ego with these final words spoken out of the mouth of  Emperor of Ethiopia, crowned “King of Kings”,  His Imperial Majesty (H.I.M.) Haile Selassie I. “It is important that spiritual advancement must keep pace with material advancement. When this comes to be realized, man’s journey towards higher and more lasting values will show more marked progress, while the evil in him recedes in the background.”

By: Fabienne Claude

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