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I had the pleasure of meeting this Empress in various times spanning from years apart, but this time, we connected divinely. We are of the same trod. Donisha’s experiences and knowledge have inspired many people from all over the world, including myself to go after whats right and what is naturally suppose to be. As she touches the land, here and internationally, her sole purpose is to educate and inspire, ultimately, being a leader of world peace guided by the teachings of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia.
I payed more attention to Donisha after the 2016 Hurricane in Haiti. I watched how she documented herself getting ready to fly out to the airport, then finally landing. So I said to myself, “She surely must have to be linked with some Rastafarians in Haiti”; and I knew the perfect one. And so I did, and it was a perfect match as my friend provided her with all the necessities she needed to fuel up her body, mind and spirit before her trod to Jeremie, Ayiti (you can see her trod on¬†
I continued to watch as she posted pictures of her with children, her gaining more knowledge and experience, her giving her heart in its purest form to the people of Haiti. She is noticeably a person who has wiped away a vanity filled society, and although obviously beautiful, she doesn’t mind dirt in her hair, or paint on her clothes.
In my interactions face to face with Donisha, I notice someone who is selfless, a true soldier of H.I.M.. She is honorable to the works it inquires, and amazing at awakening the light in the minds of the new generation to be inspired to work on positive dreams and goals for the benefit of humankind.
¬†Donisha Prendergrast, also known for being Rita & Bob Marley’s first Grand Daughter, is an activist, as well as a filmmaker, an actress, and most respectively, an entrepreneur.
Honors due to people like Donisha Prendergrast. I wish her full success on all her Humanitarian missions.